Construction & Infrastructure

Construction and Infrastructure development

Partnering with the right construction team is the most important decision for success of any construction project, when taking into account the value added to the business.

With strategic bases across India, Sanrachna is uniquely positioned to service a wide range of industry sectors through its local presence.

Sanrachna Group is a multi-award winner in Indian construction, infrastructure development industry specialising in high-rise residential, Institutional and government developments.

AvidSys Group property investments in Australia is a joint venture with Turnbull Group’s Southland Property. Turnbull Group has been active in Australian land, property and commercial developments over decades on east coast Australia.

Our national reach, local network and strong industrial presence enable us to provide for any stage of a project’s lifecycle.

We work in partnership with our clients to understand needs and customise appropriate solutions to deliver the best outcome. By delivering customised solutions, we ensure cost effective delivery without compromising on quality and safety.

AvidSys has a strong team of professionals with a combined experience of more than 150 years in the field of Strategy Development, Business and Process Improvement, Project Management and Business Transformation.

We don’t stop at providing improvement recommendations but we support our advice by partnering with our clients in implementing that advice. By integrating our advice and hands-on implementation we pride ourselves by being pragmatic, accountable and results-driven organisation with a singular focus on the success of our clients.



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