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AvidSys has developed an extensive mining and manufacturing Investment network incorporating Bankers, Equity Investors and Joint Venture partners.

Mining Off-take agreements are also available from time to time depending on staged development of a mine.

AvidSys believes that in order to secure a supply chain into the next decade given the current "scarcity" of Iron Ore and Coal in the Australian commodity market that it must participate at “Ground Level” to develop mining assets into fully producing mines.




For Investment Opportunities or commodity sourcing request, please contact :

Iron Ore and Coal -  Sourcing  and Trading

AvidSys is committed to providing the highest levels of quality and service to its clients, whilst at the same time maintaining a friendly and personal service on which our Company is based. We are also very confident that you will find that our prices and our ability to guarantee continuity of supply are un-paralleled.

The commodity trading industry is complicated because of fluctuating demand and supply shortages for certain products seasonally and from time to time. We have approached this problem from a long term perspective and have therefore sought and acquired supply sources that are reputable and stable.

We hope that your visit to our website will be the start of a fruitful long-term business relationship. We look forward to serving qualified Buyers and/or Sellers who are serious about expanding their international trade transactions. Please send a standard Letter of Intent (LOI) to our Australian contact e-mail above.

We also encourage established Suppliers to approach us about developing a mutually beneficial mandate relationship.

We would look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you in the near future.